It’s been about two weeks since the brutal killing on George Floyd. The man who’s life, along with so many others, was taken unjustly by law enforcement. As our nation continues to speak out and fight to end racism, I personally want to share a few realizations I’ve had.

This site is and will always be a place where I get to share my recipes with you all. It’s my passion and brings me so much joy to make vegan and gluten free food fun, easy, and family friendly. But, I also want to start to share a little bit more of myself with you all. I am realizing that so many of my followers had no idea that I am half black or that I was raised in a fully black household. The racial injustices in our country have been a cause for sadness in my life ever since I was a little girl and my mom explained to me that I was black and what obstacles I might face bc of it. I have also been fully aware of the privilege that I’ve been granted due to the fairness of my skin. I have plans to share more content on my website that is geared towards making a difference in our world. I’ll start with asking anyone reading to visit It’s a great place to begin to understand and support the movement to end racism.