I’ve always stayed real with you guys. If you’re one of my followers, you’ve probably read from some of my other posts and have gathered that I am going through a hard transition in my life right now. What you might also know is that I believe in the power of prayer, positivity, and turning something terrible into something wonderful. I’ve learned recently that the world can be a harsh place. So, be a force for good. Let’s all encourage each other to stay positive and pump as much love out into the world as possible!

Meet coco, she is my new puppy! In the midst of a tragic time in my life, I’ve found a reason to smile. Do something for yourself today. Do something for someone else, too.

After the Black Lives Matter movements of last month, I made a commitment to you guys that I would continue to spotlight charitable organizations and made a commitment to doing more for others. Today, I am making a donation to Break The Silence. An organization that seeks to eliminate isolation, suicidal thoughts, reduce anxiety and depression, and provide PTSD treatment to victims of domestic abuse. Find an organization that tugs on your heart strings and do what you can to support it and others! Channel your pain into something beautiful. Learn more about BTSDV at https://breakthesilencedv.org

Stay positive, love yourself, and seek help and support when you need it.