My Health & Wellness Tips

You guys ask me a lot of questions about my Health & Wellness. Obviously, I LOVE SWEETS but I do always put a major focus on things like maintaining a BALANCED DIET (with room for donuts), getting good quality sleep, and exercise. So, I’m sharing some of my best tips for how I live a balanced & healthy life (and always save room for dessert)!

Prioritizing Rest

I’ve burnt the candles at both ends before, and run on almost no sleep. The results weren’t great! Now, I focus on getting good quality sleep and aim for 8-9 hours a night! When I’m well rested, I am the best version of myself!

Staying Active!

I’m not someone who goes to the gym every day and lifts weights. I simply don’t like the gym that much. I prefer a more organic approach to exercise. Walks, jogs, hiking, and yoga are all exercises that I enjoy. I love staying active and try to do one of these on a daily basis. 

Getting in My “Me Time”

Doing something I love every day does wonders for my mental health and happiness. Every day I try to do something that’s just for me. Whether that’s enjoying dessert while I watch an episode of my favorite tv show, going on a long walk, or cozying up with Coco and crocheting (yes, I crochet!). What’s your “me time” look like? Is it a pedicure? A nice long jog? Whatever it is, make it a priority!

Following a Balanced Diet

I follow a plant-based diet and the majority of my diet includes whole grains, plenty of fruits and veggies, legumes, and healthy fats. A low carb diet would never work for me because I love carbs (especially sweets)! So, instead of depriving myself, I count my calories and make sure I always leave room for dessert. 80-90% of the day, I enjoy foods like: Vegetable Stir Fry, Smoothies, or Oatmeal. It’s foods like these that keep me going all day and fuel my body with the nutrients it needs! The other 10-20% of my diet includes delicious treats like a slice of Lemon Loaf or a Vegan Donut! Balance!!

Getting My Supplements On!

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