My Instagram account hit 150,000 followers and I am OVER THE MOON! Guys, I really from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART want to THANK YOU! Thank you for making me better every day by providing me invaluable feedback, support, and more kindness than I ever imagined.

On a personal note, When I started my account about a year ago – I was recently engaged and thought I had my whole life planned. I’m now soon to be divorced and still healing. Guys, your kindness and support has helped me through some hard times!!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I am so humbled & incredibly lucky to have y’all! Thank you for trying my recipes, THANK YOU for allowing me to HELP YOU make DELICIOUS VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE food that tastes great, is healthier, & always family friendly!

SPEAKING OF HELPING YOU – I have more info to come on this, but I am excited to announce that I am becoming a CERTIFIED NUTRITION COACH !

So many of you have asked for my help with nutrition & health. I’m SUPER PASSIONATE about nutrition & want to be able to give advice that goes BEYOND CALORIES! In addition to my DELICIOUS ?? baked goodies, you can expect to see MORE BALANCED & HEALTHY RECIPES! Once I complete my certification, I’ll be able to provide REAL NUTRITION ADVICE & continue to help you guys in more ways! But, don’t worry, the donuts will never stop coming!!

I’ll be getting my certification through @thenutritiouslifestudio !! I was drawn to their empowering community of holistic health practitioners who lift each other & their clients up! I’ll be documenting my journey becoming a nutrition coach with y’all so stay tuned for more on this!

CHECK OUT MY IGTV ? for a full thank you message from me & more info on me becoming a CERTIFIED NUTRITION COACH!