The year 2020 was outshined
An election year that wasn’t kind
A virus spread and impacted the masses
Jobs were lost, students weren’t in their classes
Conversations about race that were long overdue
Began to happen, the truth began to shine through

2020 – the year of vision
Turned out to be a big collision
To those who 2020 has hit hard
To those who fought and wound up scarred
To those who’ve lost loved ones and have given up hope
To those who are climbing up a downward slope

Know that you are strong, know you’ll be ok
Know that our world will improve, we’ll fight another day
Know that you are loved by God & by others
Know that you are special whether you’re a wife, friend, or brother
No matter your race, religion or gender
Know that your future is full of joy and splendor

Enjoy your holiday season with people you love
Know that God is with all of us, from up above
Try to give more, and take a little less
Think of those who 2020 has left in a mess
Share your talents, your heart, your time
Help those in need whether it’s $100 or a dime

Imagine if we all first thought of each other
Imagine a world where we’re all here for one another
Let’s make 2021 a great year
Let’s live in faith and not in fear
Let’s pivot our priorities to love, serve, and share
Let’s treat each other with kindness and care

Spread holiday cheer to everyone you meet
Now, I’m off to go bake something sweet ?

xoxo, Jill