When 2020 began, things looked bright
Everything was good, everything was right

If someone had told me what would happen this year
I wouldn’t believe them, I’d be frozen with fear

Yet, when I look back on my hardest year yet
I realize amazing things happened that I’ll never forget

Miracles occurred and my dreams came true
And through trauma and loss, our world was made new

A childhood dream of writing a book
A passion for helping others bake and cook

A platform to allow me to share my tasty treats
Letting me spread smiles with my blog full of sweets

Through all of our struggles from the year
We all learned lessons and things became clear

We refocused on what truly matters the most
Which is why this year still deserves a toast

Happy New Year Friends! I am so thankful for you all! Cheers to the end of a tough year & cheers to 2021 being our best year yet!
Love, Jill