Along with baking my sweet & savory treats
And writing my cook book, Easy Low-Cal Vegan Eats

I spotlight charities throughout the year
The first one I’ll start with is one that’s dear

Families come from far and wide
Joining our communities, side by side

Escaping harm to find hope and relief
Their amazing journeys were anything but brief

They join us with hopes to succeed and thrive
As they enter our culture with a dive

Simple things like healthcare, jobs, & school
Are suddenly harder as they adapt to our rule

Could you imagine starting anew?
In a foreign land, where you know so few?

Refugee Hope helps empower those
Who have walked this path so few of us know

They share the good news from heaven above
They support these families and do it with love

Thank you to Refugee Hope Partners for all that you do
Thank you for inspiring me to do something too

Love, Jill