King Arthur Measure for Measure

Top Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour

King Arthur Measure for Measure is my first choice for gluten free all purpose flours. When baking with it, it tastes and behaves almost exactly the same as regular all purpose flour - especially in baked goods like breads, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc. It's also wonderful to use in waffles and pancakes.


Best For Yeasted Recipes

Cup4Cup is my favorite gluten free flour to use in place of regular all purpose flour when baking yeasted recipes such as cinnamon rolls or pizza crusts. I find that it creates a more elastic dough (similar to gluten containing doughs). Be mindful that this flour does contain a small amount of milk powder, so if you are completely dairy-free, this flour will not be for you.

oat flour

Oat Flour : Bob's Red Mill

Whenever one of my recipes calls for oat flour, Bob's Red Mill is a great choice! While oats are naturally gluten free, I like Bob's Red Mill's gluten free oat flour because it is certified gluten free. The certification ensures that the oat flour was manufactured and packaged in a facility with no gluten containing products - ensuring no cross contamination. Reminder, oat flour is not a 1-1 substitute for regular or gluten free all purpose flour in my recipes.