The past few months have been loaded with travel, good food & beautiful memories. I am usually the only plant-based eater when I dine with friends and family … which means I often dine at restaurants that aren’t just vegan. Check out some of these amazing vegan dishes I’ve eaten recently .. on my travels around the US + my best tips for eating plant-based at any restaurant!

Here’s what I’ve been eating while traveling on my book tour – with healthy, balanced choices. If you know anything about my food philosophy, you know that I always save room for dessert. Here’s how I order vegan & (usually) gluten free at almost any restaurant!

Here are a few tips for eating plant-based at any restaurant

• Communicate – Let your server know about your dietary needs & be able to explain to them exactly what foods are off limits (ex: cheese, butter, meat, etc) a lot of people don’t know exactly what “vegan” means.

• Ask The Chef – Oftentimes, I’ve gone to a restaurant and seen nothing “vegan” on the menu. So, I’ll ask the server to ask the chef if they have any vegan dishes that are off the menu. You’d be surprised at how many restaurants accommodate and how many chefs like a challenge of creating something off-menu!

• Get Creative – A lot of times dishes can become vegan by removing the one or two animal products or requesting things be cooked in olive oil rather than butter. Don’t be afraid to ask for customizations! If taking the meat off removes the protein, ask if they can add beans/tofu in its place!

• Have Fun & Enjoy – After going plant-based, I found myself being much more adventurous with my meals and I love trying new things!

• Many cultures have naturally vegan dishes! Mexican, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Middle Eastern are some of my go-to cuisine types for dishes that already come vegan! Bring on the beans, rice, hummus, falafel, and curry!!

ps: whoever said that vegan food was boring .. wasn’t doing it right!!