Part 1 : Vegan & Gluten Free Essentials

TRADER JOES GROCERY HAUL! Part 1: The Essentials

I get a lot of requests for grocery haul videos, so I’m taking you on an average shopping trip to Trader Joe’s and showing you my favorite vegan and gluten free finds.

Not pictured – Produce ? like bananas, avocados, lettuce, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, potatoes & sweet potatoes, tomatoes .. the list goes on and on! I didn’t feature these but I can if you want another video showing what produce I buy – LMK 🙂

Essential items I always have on hand include:
– all of their plant-based salad dressings
– beans & rice
– almond flour tortillas!! WOOF they’re good!
– oats & flax seed meal
– wild frozen blueberries
– vegan butter @earthbalance is a great brand + just tried their cashew yogurt! Yum!
– salsas & vegan pesto
– the corn tortilla chips are like Fritos #iykyk
– maple syrup
– coconut aminos – replaces soy sauce ??
– everything bagel & green goddess seasoning
– peanut butter and jelly (duh)

I’ll be back sharing more of my TJ finds/grocery hauls if y’all want? Lmk. Hope it was helpful.

Biggest thanks to one of my best friends, Michael Vorndran, for being my partner in video making crime and not making me have to take selfie videos at the grocery store by myself.

Love y’all