I am starting my Nutrition Certification Course soon! Woohoo!! The biggest reason why I decided to get certified in holistic health & nutrition is because I know how hard it is to struggle with knowing the right foods to eat and how to best nourish your body. I also know what it’s like to have a KILLER sweet tooth while wanting to remain healthy. As a nutrition coach, my goal will be to help others find balance in their diets and create a healthy lifestyle that they can actually stick to. It took me years to find that balance in my own life, and now that I have it, I’d love to share it with the appropriate education to back it up!

A bit about my food philosophy!

I get lots of questions about my diet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vegan & Gluten Free baking & showing off whatever is hot and out of my oven. That being said, my sweet (or savory) treats are only about 10-20% of what I actually eat. The rest of the time I focus on fueling my body with plant-based proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats. I actually have a super clean diet. But, I always leave room for a sweet treat. Why? Mostly because it helps keep me on track! If I know I get to sink my teeth into a yummy treat later, I’m motivated to eat a delicious and healthy lunch or dinner earlier in the day!

Sometimes that 10% sweet treat is a healthy baked oatmeal & sometimes it’s an indulgent cinnamon roll. Balance! I always watch my portions & exercise self control to not over-do it!

A few other details about my diet are:

  • I fast daily until lunchtime. I don’t have an appetite in the mornings and also find that intermittent fasting keeps my energy levels stable. Fasting isn’t for everyone so don’t force it. I’m not recommending it, just mentioning it for the sake of transparency.
  • Counting Calories is my #1 Tip! I just started using an app called Lifesum which does the work for you! All you do is plug in your height, weight, lifestyle, and fitness goals & it generates your ideal calories & macros. Then, you just plug in what you eat throughout the day to keep yourself on track! Other apps I’ve used are MyFitnessPal & MyPlate !
  • I am a tiny person. 4’11 to be exact. So, my diet isn’t going to be enough for most people. That being said, I want to share it so that you guys can get ideas of meals that you can enjoy (maybe just increasing portion sizes)

My Food Diary

Every day, I kick my morning off with water and lemon. I find this helps with my digestion!
I switch over to iced coffee mid morning (with a splash of almond milk & cinnamon)

Breakfast – 293 Calories
Blueberry Baked Oatmeal

I also love grabbing a Baked Oatmeal Muffin if I’m on the go. If I don’t have anything baked or don’t have time to bake (which doesn’t happen often), I’ll grab some Alyssas Vegan Bites or I’ll have peanut butter toast or microwaved oats with berries, bananas, or reduced sugar jam!

Snack – 200 Calories
Vanilla Protein Shake with PB2 powder

I’ve started focusing on getting more plant-protein into my diet. I find that it keeps my energy levels really stable to helps me stay fuller longer!

I love the protein powder that comes in my Care of package each month. I also highly recommend Nuzest Plant Proteins!

Lunch – 264 Calories
Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

Instead of cauliflower rice, you can use regular rice or quinoa as the base to your burrito bowl! I also frequently enjoy spaghetti squash with burrito toppings!

Snack – 160 Calories
Apple & PB2 (y’all know I love peanut butter)

I also frequently dip carrots or bell peppers into hummus or salsa! I also LOVE tossing fresh greens in hummus as a healthier salad!

Dinner – 233 Calories
Tofu Scramble with peppers, tomatoes, onions, and spinach

I try not to eat carbs for dinner because I always have dessert 🙂 But, if I was to add carbs, I’d add black beans, chickpeas, or top the scramble over rice or quinoa!

Dessert – 170 Calories
Oatmeal Banana Bread
or Low Calorie Lemon Loaf!
If I’m in a savory mood, I’ll often enjoy Boom Chicka Pop or Skinny Pop popcorn! I also love eating baked oats for dessert! Oats are actually super healthy for you and are one of the recommended foods to eat before bed! I also sometimes munch on Alyssa’s Vegan Bites for dessert!