10 Easy Vegan Donuts - Peanut Butter and Jilly

Life’s short! Eat more donuts! You won’t go wrong with any of the vegan donuts that you choose from this page! They’re all delicious, super easy, can be baked in under 30 minutes! Baking donuts instead of frying them or buying them from the store or bakery cuts back on the calories, extra grease, and processed ingredients! Any of these vegan donuts can be made into gluten free donuts with a simple swap! Whether choosing the classic chocolate sprinkle donuts, a fall favorite like the pumpkin vegan donuts, or the berry delicious blueberry vegan donuts, everyone will love them… even non vegans! These are family friendly and kid friendly, quick and easy, moist and delicious lighter vegan desserts or breakfasts that everyone will love!

"Funfetti" Donuts

These are the perfect easy vegan donuts to bake for a celebration! These baked and glazed sprinkle donuts are fluffy, soft, and super delicious!

Chocolate Chip Donuts

These plant-based chocolate chip donuts are as fluffy and delicious as they are easy to bake! This will be a staple on your family's breakfast or dessert table!

Chocolate Sprinkle Donuts

These vegan chocolate donuts are perfect for any occasion! They're a fun chocolatey vegan dessert that everyone will love. They are moist, soft, and super fluffy! You can top these donuts with chocolate icing or melted chocolate!

Vegan Lemon Donuts

Easy Lemon Donuts

The flavors of moist lemon cake are baked into a delicious moist homemade vegan donut. The results are soft, tender, fluffy, and so yummy!

Vegan Banana Bread Donuts

Banana Bread Donuts

These banana bread donuts are fluffy, moist, and so delicious! This is one of my favorite vegan donut recipes. Enjoy the comfort of banana bread in a gluten free donut form!

Peanut Butter Donuts

These fluffy baked peanut butter donuts are covered with melted peanut butter & chocolate. They're soft, moist, and oh so delicious!

Powdered Sugar Donuts

They're a nostalgic family friendly and kid friendly favorite! This soft and moist vanilla donut is topped with powdered sugar! This is an easy recipe that everyone will love!

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Cinnamon Sugar donuts are one of those classic donut flavors that everyone loves. There's nothing not to like! They're fluffy, buttery, and flavored with vanilla! They're coated with a little vegan butter, and cinnamon sugar topping, and the results are amazing!

Blueberry Donuts

These are the best homemade blueberry donuts ever! They're vegan, can be made gluten free, and they are ridiculously moist, soft, and delicious! The light and fluffy glazed donut is loaded with berries and absolutely addictive!

Pumpkin Donuts

These donuts are dense, cakey, and oh so moist! I've topped them with my famous vegan cream cheese icing and let me just say, the results are addictive!

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